Thinking of Island Living part 1

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Consider all areas of the island—even the ones you don’t know about

Sure, everyone wants to live right on the water. But on many islands that can be very expensive. That’s why you might want to target the entire island, versus limiting yourself to a single area you know or have in mind.

Visit and Stay a while

The only way you’ll really know if island living is for you is if you spend an extended amount of there.

What’s more, your island might not have all the amenities you’re used to at home. Some of you might think it’s worth it, but others could get fed up with the lack of available products—and the premium you’ll pay for what is available.  As we say here in Roatan, “We have everything but not all the time.”

Here on Roatan there are no Starbucks or McDonalds.  The local options for coffee are plentiful and unique.  Honduras is one of the largest single finca coffee producers in the world.  Their product speaks for itself!

Roatan Geography Lesson

The Bay Islands is one of the 18 departments of Honduras. Consisting of eight islands and 53 small cays between 10-40 miles off the northern coast of Honduras, these islands have been part of Honduras since 1872. Three groups of islands make up the Bay Islands Department: The Bay Islands (the largest being Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja, with multiple other small islands and cays), Cayos Cochinos (the Hog Islands), and the Swan Islands. The Swan Islands are not inhabited, but there is a naval base there. Cayos Cochinos are the closest to the Honduran mainland and are minimally inhabited.

While Roatan is the largest of the island group, Guanaja is the second largest and even more mountainous than Roatan. Located east of Roatan, Guanaja is a beautiful destination for a rustic weekend trip, which you would most likely do with a local friend, as the tourism industry is still minimal at this point.

The second largest island is Utila, with a few small hills and plenty of mangroves. On clear days, you can see Utila from western points on Roatan.

Barbareta, Morat, and Cayos Cochinos (the Hog Islands) are small, rugged, and beautiful. Barbareta and Morat are both at the eastern tip of Roatan. Barbareta is privately owned, while Morat and Cayos Cochinos have very limited permanent populations. Cayos Cochinos are the closest to the mainland and offer a wonderful daytrip from Roatan as several tour operators make the trip regularly. Snorkeling and SCUBA diving are both quite popular there.


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