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Paradise Found: These 5 Tips for Buying a Home on an Island Will Take You There.

Quick question: How many times a day do you dream about quitting your job and moving to some idyllic island with turquoise blue water and a delicious umbrella drink in your hand? If you’re anything like us, it’s in the double digits (sorry, boss!).

It might seem out of reach as you sit, eyes glazed, in front of your computer. But here’s the truth: People move to islands all the time! Whether it’s Maui, the Bahamas, or Bora Bora, you, too, can buy a home on an island.

Before you sell your home and all of your stuff to afford your island venture, there are just a few details to consider.

Here’s what you should think about before buying a home on an island, according to real estate experts who deal with island markets every day.